The Ultimate “Treasure Box”

Everyone has memories of the treasure box at the dentist office, or in your elementary classroom. It served as a place to pick your prize for enduring something difficult or doing your very best. The excitement and anticipation of lifting the top of the chest to see what was inside was so awesome! That’s the way I feel every time we are called to pick up donated items from our partners at HD Supply Facilities Maintenance distribution center in Calera, Alabama. Our HD Treasure box is always filled with items that we include in our disaster relief kits or items that we can liquidate to raise funds to purchase disaster relief supplies to serve the entire state of Alabama!


Hatching Hope of Alabama board member and volunteer, Matt Smith, set his sights on negotiating a partnership with his company HD Supply and Hatching Hope of Alabama, the only disaster relief organization that focuses on the multi housing industry,  to donate a portion of items returned that they are unable to return to inventory for various reasons.  He quickly recognized that their business and the employees that served the brand all benefit from residents choosing an Apartment as HOME and that this would be a perfect way to give back to the residents that are displaced by fire or other disaster!


Since our partnership with HD Supply in late 2016, we have been able to pack hundreds of disaster relief kits with sheets, pillow cases, and towels that they have donated to our charity. In addition, we have generated thousands of dollars in disaster relief funds with the sell of items donated to purchase air mattresses, blankets, and air pumps that are included in our disaster relief efforts.

2016-06-20 20.16.49.jpg

When we lost our home to a fire in 2010, this industry wrapped their arms around us and we quickly picked up the pieces, never once feeling alone all due in part of everyone pulling together to make sure that we had what we needed to move forward. That is where I truly feel that Hatching Hope was born! We at Hatching Hope Treasure our partnership with HD Supply and look forward to working together to provide disaster relief for our industry in the years to come! If you would like to partner with us, reach out to Keli Lynch-Wright @




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