IN HIS HONOR, for Caleb..

My heart sunk when I read the posts on social media and news outlets that a young 26-year old Huntsville, Alabama firefighter, Caleb Atnip, lost his battle to colon cancer. We are up close and personal with the efforts of these wonderful firefighters through our works with our charity

17903684_1815866978740723_6334098103678859271_nHatching Hope of Alabama  It is always difficult to comprehend that this could happen to a young HERO that puts his life at risk to save the lives of others.  I then learned that his wife Savannah worked in the apartment industry at Bridgewater Apartments for SPM LLC. It absolutely broke my heart and tears rolled down my face as I read the messages from our mutual friends. It was then that I knew that our paths crossed with PURPOSE!

While traveling that day, I continued to make my meetings and carry on, but I could not shake the news and knew that there was something that we had to do to honor Caleb. On my return home that night, I immediately started watching videos and reading updates that Caleb had posted on his Facebook page Caleb’s Cancer Updates. As I listened to his words in the video, he expressed his gratitude for the many people that surrounded he and his family with love and support as he geared up to fight the fight. He was so grateful, kind, and sincere. And oh my goodness a Godly man indeed! Who couldn’t love this wonderful person! It was a powerful reminder of how that phone call, visit, text, fundraiser, random act of kindness that you can offer to someone can absolutely arm them with just what they need to carry on and fight the fight!

We are pleased to introduce you to “Caleb”, the newest Hatching Hope of Alabama Teddy Bear! He will be given in honor of Caleb Atnip to children that have been displaced by fire or other disaster throughout the Huntsville, Alabama area! We will also present a very special “Caleb” Teddy Bear to Caleb’s Mom Christina, his wife Savannah,  and to his awesome friends at the Huntsville Fire & Rescue.  You can show your support by adopting a “Caleb” Teddy Bear. We will post all adoptions on Caleb’s page Caleb Atnip Cancer Updates about your adoption! My heart soars to know that we can honor a HERO with LOVE for hurting families! Thank you Caleb for your service and amazing, giving spirit!

Caleb, I HOPE we do you PROUD ~ Keli





2 thoughts on “IN HIS HONOR, for Caleb..

  1. My name is Christina Atnip and I am Caleb’s mother. I am overwhelmed with emotion right now at this beautiful act in our son’s memory. He would be so humbled and so proud to have his name attached to this. God Bless You. Mike and Christina Atnip

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    1. Christina,
      We were so touched by Caleb’s journey and we knew that we had to do something special to celebrate and honor such a wonderful young man. Last night I listened to the video of him thanking everyone, and apologizing for leaving anyone out, then adding more people, then praying for everyone, then asking for support for those around him. It was just incredibly touching! I have a 13 year old son and we lost our home to a fire, which is the inspiration behind launching our charity together last year. I see a lot of the same qualities in Caleb that I see in my son Ashton. A man of God, Loving, Caring, Giving, and kind to name a few and I never had the opportunity to meet him in person. I know that you must be very PROUD! We are so excited about providing these “CALEB” Teddy Bears to children that have been displaced by fire or other disaster. I can just imagine the looks on their faces as they grin run and embrace their Teddy Bear!
      Thank YOU for allowing us to honor him and remember him in this very special way. Please know that you can reach us at anytime at or follow our story at
      With Grateful Hearts
      Keli & Ashton Wright


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