Meet Baby Ava

Baby Ava was just 1 month old on the day of the fire.

Hatching Hope responded to the fire January 9th, 2017 at Timberchase Apartments located in Birmingham, Al. That was a tough day for a lot of people that lost everything they had just after the Christmas Holiday. It was cold outside and many Residents took refuge in the clubhouse. This is where we met Francesca, a young mother that had her one month old baby girl wrapped up in a big jacket that belonged to one of the Maintenance folks there at the property.  She also lost everything, and sat quietly with her baby as information began to flow in and plans were made. Matthew Smith, a Hatching Hope Volunteer, quickly pulled a blanket from one of the relief kits and held the baby while her mom wrapped her in the blanket. He also ran out to get diapers, wipes, and other baby needs.


We had no idea that after we left, Ava would forever be a part of our Hatching Hope Family and we would get to enjoy watching her grow up! Ava, then just a month old, is now 10 months old! I literally burst into tears when Kristen, Manager @ Timberchase, sent this photo this morning of our precious little friend! Life’s most difficult moments bring communities together to express kindness and love for one another. #strongertogether #babyava


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