Meet Astro…

All to often, we don’t think about pets that are displaced with their families when disaster strikes! Just a few weeks ago, Astro and his family were displaced from their apartment by fire. We were thrilled to be able to provide disaster relief kits & Teddy Bears for three children, Astro, and his Mom! Hatching Hope of Alabama is proud to provide disaster relief for four-legged families members. Our pet disaster relief kits include a leash, pet food, bowls, a comfy blanket and even a toy! Click below to sponsor disaster relief for pets! Sponsor Disaster Relief for Pets here! IMG_4038 (2)untitled.pngIMG_4039.JPG

IN HIS HONOR, for Caleb..

My heart sunk when I read the posts on social media and news outlets that a young 26-year old Huntsville, Alabama firefighter, Caleb Atnip, lost his battle to colon cancer. We are up close and personal with the efforts of these wonderful firefighters through our works with our charity

17903684_1815866978740723_6334098103678859271_nHatching Hope of Alabama  It is always difficult to comprehend that this could happen to a young HERO that puts his life at risk to save the lives of others.  I then learned that his wife Savannah worked in the apartment industry at Bridgewater Apartments for SPM LLC. It absolutely broke my heart and tears rolled down my face as I read the messages from our mutual friends. It was then that I knew that our paths crossed with PURPOSE!

While traveling that day, I continued to make my meetings and carry on, but I could not shake the news and knew that there was something that we had to do to honor Caleb. On my return home that night, I immediately started watching videos and reading updates that Caleb had posted on his Facebook page Caleb’s Cancer Updates. As I listened to his words in the video, he expressed his gratitude for the many people that surrounded he and his family with love and support as he geared up to fight the fight. He was so grateful, kind, and sincere. And oh my goodness a Godly man indeed! Who couldn’t love this wonderful person! It was a powerful reminder of how that phone call, visit, text, fundraiser, random act of kindness that you can offer to someone can absolutely arm them with just what they need to carry on and fight the fight!

We are pleased to introduce you to “Caleb”, the newest Hatching Hope of Alabama Teddy Bear! He will be given in honor of Caleb Atnip to children that have been displaced by fire or other disaster throughout the Huntsville, Alabama area! We will also present a very special “Caleb” Teddy Bear to Caleb’s Mom Christina, his wife Savannah,  and to his awesome friends at the Huntsville Fire & Rescue.  You can show your support by adopting a “Caleb” Teddy Bear. We will post all adoptions on Caleb’s page Caleb Atnip Cancer Updates about your adoption! My heart soars to know that we can honor a HERO with LOVE for hurting families! Thank you Caleb for your service and amazing, giving spirit!

Caleb, I HOPE we do you PROUD ~ Keli




There is No Place Like HOME..

                  Volunteers, Supporters, Partners & Donors this one is for YOU~

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I have read it at least a dozen or so times this morning and I just LOVE that it is their faces on the front of the card on the characters from Wizard of Oz! This special note will be featured at the Nest in our warehouse for sure!  Through our disaster relief efforts at Hatching Hope of Alabama, we have served hundreds of families, children, and pets over the last year. I often think about the families once we have delivered our disaster relief kits and they take refuge in a vacant apartment or at a friend or family members home. Although we keep in touch with the property management team to ensure that everyone is settled and see if there are any additional needs, it is not often that we hear from them. So when we do it is SUPER-SPECIAL!

And what a awesome example of how just one small act of kindness, one small note of HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT can be just what gives hurting families the STRENGTH & COURAGE to move ON! 

Show your support by making a donation or by sponsoring a disaster relief kit or Teddy Bear today! CLICK HERE


Two Men & a Truck, Wildforest & The CIRCLE of HOPE!


It all starts with one step, one random act of kindness, one donation, one story told..

Wildforest Apartments, a Stoneriver Community in Homewood, Alabama, donated numerous used appliances to Hatching Hope of Alabama in April. Thanks to our partnership with the awesome folks at Two Men and a Truck, and the giving hearts of at this community, we were able to gather and liquidate the appliance donations to generate hundreds of dollars to purchase disaster relief supplies for our kits.

The appliances were sold at very reasonable prices, therefore blessing others that might not be able to purchase these much needed household items. There it is- THE CIRCLE OF HOPE! It starts with a gift in kind, that turns into affordable items for those in need, and finally converts into disaster relief supplies such as air mattresses, sheets, pillows, linens, and toiletries that are included in our disaster relief kits at Hatching Hope of Alabama.

I could share so many stories about the amazing people that grace our doorstep at the Hatching Hope warehouse to purchase items. All have had struggles, and some are getting back on their feet, running from an abusive relationship, or have lost their home to a fire. It thrills them to know that they are a part of something very special even though they are hurting…their purchase provides HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT to so many hurting families, children, and pets!

Interested in partnering with us on your community renovation donation? CALL Keli @ 205-966-6835 or email



The Ultimate “Treasure Box”

Everyone has memories of the treasure box at the dentist office, or in your elementary classroom. It served as a place to pick your prize for enduring something difficult or doing your very best. The excitement and anticipation of lifting the top of the chest to see what was inside was so awesome! That’s the way I feel every time we are called to pick up donated items from our partners at HD Supply Facilities Maintenance distribution center in Calera, Alabama. Our HD Treasure box is always filled with items that we include in our disaster relief kits or items that we can liquidate to raise funds to purchase disaster relief supplies to serve the entire state of Alabama!


Hatching Hope of Alabama board member and volunteer, Matt Smith, set his sights on negotiating a partnership with his company HD Supply and Hatching Hope of Alabama, the only disaster relief organization that focuses on the multi housing industry,  to donate a portion of items returned that they are unable to return to inventory for various reasons.  He quickly recognized that their business and the employees that served the brand all benefit from residents choosing an Apartment as HOME and that this would be a perfect way to give back to the residents that are displaced by fire or other disaster!


Since our partnership with HD Supply in late 2016, we have been able to pack hundreds of disaster relief kits with sheets, pillow cases, and towels that they have donated to our charity. In addition, we have generated thousands of dollars in disaster relief funds with the sell of items donated to purchase air mattresses, blankets, and air pumps that are included in our disaster relief efforts.

2016-06-20 20.16.49.jpg

When we lost our home to a fire in 2010, this industry wrapped their arms around us and we quickly picked up the pieces, never once feeling alone all due in part of everyone pulling together to make sure that we had what we needed to move forward. That is where I truly feel that Hatching Hope was born! We at Hatching Hope Treasure our partnership with HD Supply and look forward to working together to provide disaster relief for our industry in the years to come! If you would like to partner with us, reach out to Keli Lynch-Wright @



Two of a KIND, Making a BIG Difference in Mobile, Alabama!

Delta Disaster Services GIVES Back!


Where there is disaster on Apartment Communities in Alabama, you will most likely see Volunteers from Hatching Hope on the scene partnering with the Management Company/Onsite Team, Local Apartment Association, and first responders to assist Residents, Children, and Pets that have been displaced with much needed disaster relief supplies.

Almost always, we bump into companies that specialize in stabilizing the buildings and reconstruction of structures lost. We share a common, and emotionally intense goal, to immediately assist those affected by providing solutions to the many challenges involved in the art of picking up the pieces and moving forward.

In response to the relief efforts for the 3-Alarm, Large Loss Fire at Timber Ridge Apartments in Mobile, Alabama, Delta Disaster Services showed UP and showed OUT in response to our call for help! Katie Rutland, Operations Manger for Delta Disaster Services of Eastern Gulf States, reached out to Ellen Maxime of MBAAA, expressing their interest in not only offering support, but they wanted to be hands on, all the way! 

Christina, Zach, John, Kellye, and Katie shopped for each and every item, packed them into Hatching Hope Disaster Relief boxes, and sealed them with a very special note of Hope & Encouragement for the residents displaced from over 25 Apartment Homes! I am so proud of their giving hearts and helping hands! What a fantastic, heartfelt act of kindness! We LOVE Delta Disaster Relief Services for kicking it WAY UP to partner with Hatching Hope to deliver the ultimate in disaster relief!